Welcome to Sydney Technical High School

Sydney Technical High School is an academically selective boys' high school with a multicultural student population living and learning in harmony. For many years it was one of only seven academically Selective High Schools within the N.S.W. Department of Education. The school enjoys an outstanding reputation for academic achievement with a Higher School Certificate history of students being regularly placed in the top ten places in the state in a variety of subjects. Over 80% of students achieve in the top 20% of the State, with a majority gaining an ATAR over 90.

As a selective school a strong emphasis is placed on academic studies. However, there is also a strong emphasis placed on student welfare. Students experience an environment where they are expected to apply themselves to their studies, and exhibit care, sensitivity and understanding in their relationships with each other. The multicultural nature of the school community is a key feature in developing tolerant men. The school is proud of the achievements of its young men who enter a wide range of professions and careers.

Our Learning Purpose

At the end of high school our school community wants our students to possess the following attributes:

1. Scholarship

We want to develop students who can
  • articulate a vision take up the challenges of learning and are prepared to take intellectual risks with learning
  • be imaginative problem solvers and innovative initiators apply and then transform knowledge
  • think divergently and laterally at the highest level
  • question accepted norms and develop their own values
  • pursue excellence
  • enjoy learning for its own sake and for their current and future lives.
2. Competencies

We want to develop students who possess
  • independent learning skills, enabling them to negotiate learning outcomes, act wisely feedback and improve performance
  • organisational skills, including time management, study techniques, teamwork and collaboration
  • research and enquiry skills, including the ability to critically analyse sources ;summarise and paraphrase, and use the internet ethically and selectively
  • communication skills, including expressive written and spoken literacy and the ability to question effectively
  • application skills, including the transfer of learning to new situations
  • transformation skills, including the ability to take applied learning skills and totally transform what is learnt to create new understandings
  • technology skills, including the ability to communicate using the repertoire of technology; keep at the forefront of technology development; use technology to build community and collaboration
3. Leadership

We want to develop our students to be leaders who show they can
  • make decisions and take initiative
  • manage and participate in a team
  • display confidence
  • communicate ideas, processes, strategies, goals and plans.
  • have a sense of humour in interacting with other people
4. Citizenship

We want to develop students who
  • understand the purpose and operation of community and government structures
  • are socially responsible, just and compassionate
  • are democratic in their values and operations
  • are willing to contribute to and participate in all aspects of community life
  • are proactive members of a local and global environment
5. Emotional Intelligence and Personal Qualities

We want students who have
  • emotional maturity
  • an understanding of the emotions of the self and others and ability to communicate this
  • empathy
  • positive and constructive self reflection
  • confidence in all settings
  • sound judgement
  • resilience
  • perseverance in utilising successes and failures
Our Learning Charter

The teaching staff at Sydney Technical High School believes that the following elements characterise Quality Teaching and Learning at our school:
  1. Excellence in curriculum program development and delivery for gifted students
  2. Acknowledgment, assessment and academic plans recognising prior knowledge of students
  3. Provision of the rationale for learning and its connection with 'real' audiences and 'real life situations'
  4. Deep subject specific knowledge demonstrated through
    • use of correct metalanguage
    • deep understanding of concepts
    • well selected resources
    • familiarity with Board of Studies content, outcomes and requirements
  5. Knowledge of subject specific matter that provides the building blocks for explaining, exploring, understanding and communicating coherently
  6. Use of exemplars and standards and Board of Studies guidelines
  7. Provision of opportunities for extensive practice and effort leading to student mastery
  8. Transference of knowledge and skills to other people and circumstances
  9. Specific and supportive feedback from staff and peers
  10. Development of individual learning plans with students appropriate to student needs and assistance with material to support their needs
  11. High levels of student and staff motivation developed through relationship building and enjoyment and passion for learning
  12. Support for students with their learning organisation and their understanding of their preferred learning styles
  13. Reflection on our success and continual evaluation for improvement

Students are selected for entry to Sydney Technical High School. Entry into Year 7 is based on results from the Selective Schools Unit test, which evaluates performance in English writing and language, Mathematics and General Ability. In years 8 - 12 vacancies are filled by application with supporting documentation, interview and tests. See Enrolment.

Sydney Technical High School continues a fine tradition of excellence in all areas of endeavour, fulfilling the school motto that "manners makyth man".

School Captain, Vice Captain and Senior Prefects